Hi, I’m Jim.

I Help Health and Wellness Coaches Get Booked Solid. 


Why I do what I do:

I spent several years working in information technology as a systems developer. The money was good but the work seemed meaningless and left me feeling completely empty inside. It constantly gnawed at me that what I spent my precious time doing wasn’t making a positive, lasting contribution to anyone’s life. I craved for meaning, a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I wanted my work and my life to truly matter.

That’s why I became a Certified Wellness Coach. As health and wellness coaches, I believe that we help our clients make positive, lasting improvements in their health and in their lives. Our work truly matters. How cool is that?

In my role as a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach, I am able to help you to attract and serve more clients. This means that you’ll be making positive, lasting improvements in the health and lives of even more people. Helping you to help more people through your work is the spark that ignites more meaning, a deeper sense of purpose and greater fulfillment in me.


How I do what I do:

I work co-creatively with you to implement the Book Yourself Solid system in a way that best compliments your unique personality, aligns with your specific business needs, puts you on the right path to achieve your goals and allows you to be fully self-expressed. At its very core, the work we do together is always about creating a sales and marketing system that’s grounded in honesty and integrity.


What I do:

I help you get more clients, sell more products and earn the money you truly deserve for the wonderful and important work that you do.

Actually, it goes a whole lot deeper than that. I help you to identify, attract and serve more of your ideal clients. Your ideal clients are the ones who energize you and inspire you and, most importantly of all, allow you to do your very best work. These are the people whose health and lives you are destined to change. My goal is to help you connect with more of your ideal clients in a way that’s easy, effective, fun and natural for you.

Once you and I have implemented the Book Yourself Solid system for your business, you’ll own a complete and proven sales and marketing system that repeats itself again and again and again. You’ll be able to attract and serve as many ideal clients as you want for as long as you want. How cool is that?

If you’re ready to embark upon a career and life-changing journey, book yourself solid, earn more money and have the opportunity to serve all of the people you’re truly meant to serve then you and I should talk. It will be my absolute pleasure to share more with you.